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There are many different types of insurance. Everyone is going to have their own insurance needs. You might only need auto insurance, while others might need homeowners and auto insurance, or renters insurance, motorcycle insurance, farm insurance ect. 


Insurance isn't for everyone, but the reason we get insurance is because there is a possibility that something might happen to our home, vehicle, boat, or even ourselves. Insurance prepares you for dealing with the outcome of an accident.


For example, you are going on vacation for a week so you try to make sure you have turned everything off, and locked everything up and then you leave. Then while enjoying laying on the beach you get a call from your fire department letting you know that there was a fire in your garage. Then you remember that you left a small heater on and something must have gotten too close and caught on fire. The garage didn’t burn down but there is some damage to it and to your house. If you have insurance you will be more prepared to deal with this issue, by calling your insurance company and filing a claim. If you don't have insurance then you will probably have to fix the garage and house yourself. 


Prepare yourself for the future. Think about things you might want to insure. Do you have a house, vehicle, boat, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, rental property, business or a farm? Click one of the options below for a more detailed description of each type of insurance. 

AUTO Insurance

HOME Insurance


LIFE & HEALTH Insurance

FARM Insurance

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